About Me

I've always found it difficult to talk about my self... However, sometimes you have to find a few words to describe who you are and what you do as a wedding photographer. So here it is: I'm just a simple girl, who loves to take pictures of simple people... How about that?My motto is "capture your true moments" and that's what I love to do. I just love being there and motivate you to express yourselves! How wonderful that is? Being yourselves, feeling free to laugh, to cry, to play... That's what I love about my work, to be part of your happiest moments and to have the honour to "freeze" them in my pictures! 

The role of a wedding photographer is complicated. You have to be cheerful and serious at the same time. Sometimes you need to work for more than 12-14 hours, while you have a million things to control: your camera's settings, the lens that you need to use each time, the right lighting, the best angles, the perspective, keeping a variety in your pictures, so the final result comes out exciting and complete. And always be ready to capture the right moment. Well, believe me, that is some package... But you know what? I really love it!

So here is my question to you: Are you looking for a wedding photographer who will stand next to you on the most special day of your life and capture your real memories? If the answer is yes, then contact me and let's create your story!

wedding photos, wedding photographer

"It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter."

—Alfred Eisenstaedt

wedding photos, wedding photographer

How I Work

I think of my work as an extension of my life, as a way to express my personality. That is why my approach on wedding photography is always fun, relaxed and cheerful. My goal is to find the way to make you guys feel comfortable and free on front of my camera. Believe me, sometimes that can be a real challenge! However, I can proudly say that my couples have always had the best of memories from their wedding photoshooting. There is no rush, three is no stress, three is no posing, there is just you having a good time and me "clicking" my camera... That's my philosophy, that's my idea about wedding photography. Relaxed happy moments, turning to great pictures full of emotions and good memories!

wedding photos, wedding photographer

What I like

I like being part of your big events! That's why I became a wedding photographer! Being with people, sharing their happiest moments and having the chance to create art... For me that is the absolute definition of the perfect profession! I love the whole process of wedding photography. Your pre-wedding shooting, your preparations before the big moment, the ceremony, the romantic essence of your first dance as a married couple, the party, your after-wedding shooting... And of course, I absolutely adore creating your perfect story in a unique digital album. But when all this is over and the fun part is done, my highest moment is when I finally deliver the albums to you guys... That's the moment I live for each and every time! If only I could make these few minutes last for ever... There is no greater reward for an artist like me than to know that my art has not only met my clients'expectations, but it managed to exceed them...

wedding photos, wedding photographer

Let's create your story!

It's time to think about your big day! Your fairy-tale is about to become true and all you have to do is to live it! Let's start talking about how to make it happen the best way possible and how to make it last for ever in great, highly artistic, unique photos. I will be happy to discuss with you all the details about how to organize your wedding photo-shooting, so contact me and let's create your perfect wedding story.