Inspire, create, enjoy, love images...

That's what I do!

My motto is "capture your true moments" and I couldn't find any better words to describe my work... I like to capture everything that is happening, every little detail during your event might give me a beautiful picture. It takes many years of experience, constant traning, practice, but most of all it's taken so much love and passion for this magic called Wedding Photography!

I am very happy to do the job that I love so much! It's a real blessing, and a tremendous responsibility at the same time... I am so lucky to be inspired by so many beautiful settings, stunning people, genuine emotions. I am the kind of photographer who is bound to create beautiful images in any circumstances. No matter the situation, no matter the place, my pictures are going to be interesting, different and showing off your event.

If you are looking for a photographer to highlight your most special moments, than contact me and let's start creating!



Awarded wedding photographer, available in Athens Greece and worldwide

Clio Psaraki, Awarded Wedding Photographer

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

—Dorothea Lange